VIP Executive Protection

VIP Executive Protection

Nu Image approach to providing executive protection services is quite unique; Nu Image believes that executive protection should be more than just accompanying an executive. Nu Image EP agents are trained and skilled to dynamically facilitate and manage travel activities, to help professionally guarantee that all aspects of the client’s protection and security needs are taken care of.

Nu Image understands that a seamless and comfortable environment is of paramount importance for maximizing business productivity. And, being discreet and inconspicuous is imperative for minimizing distractions and unwanted attention.

Nu Image experience, commitment, and service are unrivaled in the industry. Clients can always expect excellence regardless of travel location or culture. With its high quality personnel and extensive expertise, Nu Image provides premium security services that adhere to three main company principles:

  • Professionalism – Nu Image integrates the client’s needs with its extensive knowledge in order to provide the executive with the most professional, comprehensive service specifically tailored to the client’s needs.
  • Discretion – Throughout the whole process, Nu Image maintains complete confidentiality and discretion, along with the highest standards of ethical and legal behavior.
  • Elite Customer-oriented Service – It is sometimes easy to forget that providing a security service is just that-a Service – and Nu Image believes that an integral part of providing services is the flawless execution and prestigious environment that is created for the customer in the process. And, detailed planning and exceptional deployment help keep clients safely in their comfort zone.

Presenting a unique combination of seasoned, professional protection teams with the service-oriented company ideology, Nu Image is the natural choice for executive protection and elite professional services-second to none.