Security Training

  • All of our officers have successfully completed the Georgia State Eight Hour (8) Pre-Assignment Training course. This security training course includes learning and understanding the role of the security guard, legal powers and limitations, emergencies, communications, ethics, access control and report writing.
  • All of our officers have successfully complete Nu Image Proper Handling of People Four (4) Hour On-The-Job Training course (OJT). This security training program is relevant to the Community Officers duties, requirements of the work site, and the needs of the employer.
  • All of our officers have Quarterly In-Service course Training. This security training program focuses on meeting current training needs and refreshes or updates guards about any changes in the security field.
  • Armed Community Officers have completed an additional Four (4) Hour Firearms course.

Executive Protection Training

The importance of security in our daily lives cannot be undermined. This is especially true in the case of people who are in the limelight by virtue of their position in fields like politics, sports, arts and media etc. The CPO is expected to work in various roles that may range from High Risk Operations, Executive protection to VIP Security.  Therefore diversity in the training will definitely help the operative to become efficient and proficient in the job. An effective training must be able to identify the development that is required and provide the same. The training must provide an understanding of all the major close protection issues as well as the strategies of handling and implementing them.

With the need to provide fool-proof security to their clients, these agencies provide thorough training to their clients. This training is a comprehensive module covering various aspects of Close Protection.

  • Close Protection Training
  • Bodyguard Training
  • First Aid Training
  • Firearms Training
  • Self – Defense
  • Logistics Training
  • Mental Training

Close Protection Training

In close protection training , generally the employees or the operatives as they are called, are trained to deal with any kind of a situation that poses a threat to the security of the client. Threat assessment and crisis management are an integral part of this training. The operatives are trained to gauge the level of potential threat to the client and take adequate measures accordingly.

Firearm Training

The ability to handle weapons is a must for any Executive Protection Agent.  Hence a lot of importance is attached to this training.

In the Firearms training module, the agents are first equipped with adequate knowledge of the tactical weapons that need to be used. Then they are taught the methods of handling the weapons. Handguns training and Assault Rifle Training are given. This will lead to a better understanding and use of modern day weapon systems. This training ensures that the agents become competent with the weapons.

First Aid Training

First Aid Courses are given equal importance in the training. The operatives receive the best training in all the emergency first aid methods that aid them in preventing any immediate loss of life in any given situation. They acquire an insight into the aspects of dealing situations like unconscious, rescucation and injuries.

Self-Defense Training

The Close Protection Schools attach utmost emphasis and importance to the self-defense techniques taught to their operatives. A combination of the world’s best defense systems that have been tried and tested in most hostile environments is introduced to the CPO’s that makes them well equipped for their profession.

Logistics Training

Training the agents in Logistics so that they are equipped to strategically manage and control the flow of information and other resources like local support, and services. It is difficult to accomplish any movement of a client or product without logistical support. The agents are trained in the integration of information, transportation, meeting times and locations. The operating responsibility is to ensure the full and complete safety of the person or product.

Mental Training

Training the operatives mentally for their job and preparing them to face the challenges involved with it is a major challenge in itself for the Close Protection Schools. Hence they attach immense importance to this aspect of training. Determining the level of aggression involved in a situation, to develop courage and to be to overcome or ignore danger in order to defend others is an important and integral part of this module.


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