Welcome to the Home of Nu Image Protection

Nu Image is Georgia’s leading executive protection and security services company, consistently providing our clients with all of the needed resources to meet their security goals. With our experience, integrity, and professionalism, we look forward to serving you and providing you with a Nu Image to your security needs.

With strong small business roots and values, Nu Image has not lost its focus on the importance of doing the job right. We also believe in the importance of each client and strive to give our clients the best services available using our ever-evolving knowledge and expertise. We stand by our clients and we stand by our work-that is the Nu Image difference!


Our security training program focuses on meeting current training needs and refreshes or updates guards about any changes in the security field.


Nu Image believes that executive protection should be more than just accompanying an executive. Nu Image EP agents are trained and skilled to dynamically facilitate and manage travel activities,


Event Services Staff Members are the front-line of the promoter’s team and integral partners in every event with which we are involved. We are much more than a guard force, or a people protector.


Our clients include small to medium business, professionals, and individuals – anyone financially or personally vulnerable to information theft.


The professionalism and expertise displayed by the Nu Image Team simply makes me feel safe. They will remain my go to source for Executive Security.
We had a widely attended event, at a very high profile facility. Such events always pose security challenges. Yet, Nu Image handled the events unique security demands flawlessly and without incident. We will certainly use their services again in the future.
No one ever wants to believe they are vulnerable or exposed. When I discovered I was, Nu Image was able to assess my vulnerable points, then provide a solution options to protect my assets and intellectual property from threats.
I had been in the security industry well over a decade, thought I knew and had it all, then was exposed to the Nu Image training standards. Now I look at the security industry in a whole new way.