Counter Surveillance

Our clients include small to medium business, professionals, and individuals-anyone financially or personally vulnerable to information theft because they:

  • Possess proprietary information of value to others
  • Are in possession of specialized knowledge, or engaged in sensitive situations
  • Are in the public eye, under scrutiny, or in positions of responsibility
  • Are in highly competitive business sectors, and bidding situations
  • May incur devastating business, professional, financial or personal loss due to information leaks
  • Involved in any aspect of litigation
  • Discover the right level of bug sweep for your situation


Take your time and make the right choice. Nu Image has developed its Surveillance Counter-Measures service offerings with YOU in mind:

  • We specialize in the most common threats in audio and video bugging and telephone wire-tapping-so you are most likely covered.
  • We give you the information needed to decide on the best plan-level, price etc.-AND overall preventative and maintenance strategy, so you can deal with the situation, and get back to what you need to do-worry free.


In addition we also:

  • Equip the layperson (you) with a general understanding of the real threats of electronic eavesdropping.
  • Provide info for you or your security rep to set up an effective electronic counter measures program that should sharply reduce the likelihood of a successful electronic attack.
  • 2 Levels of Bug Sweeps-Multiple Applications.

Whether it’s RF bugs, wiretaps, carrier current transmitters, optical/visual bugs, wires and microphone, or acoustic eavesdropping compromises in strategic locations like board rooms, or executive offices, or other compromises just about any place where sensitive information may be gleaned that we discover during our investigation, our three levels of sweeps cover the most ground.


Level 1 Sweeps:
Detects lower quality wiretapping and bugging devices and will pick up most low-level domestic surveillance bugs and taps. Consumer-end industrial eavesdropping equipment can also be detected.


Level 2 Sweeps:
A deeper level search is performed, and a broader range of radio frequencies and devices are explored and analyzed. Further examinations of telecommunications are performed. This plan detects most mid-level devices and some mid-level industrial devices.


Bug sweeping is a very good start-but it’s only one component of an overall “sweep”. Specifically, we:

  • Interview you regarding your situation
  • We perform a thorough initial assessment
  • We develop an overall plan/strategy

Trust your instincts. If the thought of being bugged crossed your mind, it is because a real or potential problem exists. If you have ANY reason to be concerned, you probably have A GOOD ENOUGH REASON to Contact Us immediately.


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